Magick Persona

The Magickal Persona is a critical aspect of the Magickal practitioner. It is what helps us transcend mundane reality and slip into the magickal realms. It allows us to slip out of our mundane focus, set our jobs, relationships, and problems aside for a while, and focus on the things of the Spirit. The movie, […]

Archetypes, Divinity and Man

Power Animals, Spirit Helpers, And Guides Within many of the ancient systems of occult understanding and practice, the presence of unseen or disincarnate mentors, helpers, or allies was a generally accepted truth, and within some, it was considered essential to the practice itself. Throughout history, stories and superstitions contain a multitude of beings and entities […]

Consensus Reality and Akashic Records

The Evolution And Function Of Collective Consciousness Whether we examine evolution from a religious, scientific, mythologic or a metaphysical approach, we are still confronted with the same problem. We are usually left with more questions than verifiable answers. This lack of solid, empirical data leads the average person to the unfortunate position of accepting “creation” […]

Universal Magick: The Five Principles of Power

Whether you call yourself a shaman, a witch, a sorcerer, or whatever it may be, the act of performing magick is universally the same. Remember that we defined magick as the ability to alter the fabric of reality in conformity and proportion to our imagination and will. There are certain universal principles that govern our […]