Hello Traveler, my name is Bryce and I read tarot.

I have read tarot since I was a child. My great grandfather was a Chi-kener gypsy who read tarot and practiced for a living. You could say this work is in my blood. I long kept my ability to myself, until recently. I realized that following in his footsteps is my calling. This work comes natural to me.

I have studied the occult and experienced things that have changed the way I see the world. Recently something shifted and I have seen a major change. The perception I once hid is now driving me forward, I have no doubt about what I am called to do.

I am not only passionate about the mysteries of life but also about art. I believe art is the highest calling we humans can have and I think we should work hard to lift our artists up and appreciate them. I believe creativity and expression hold the key to the mind and no matter who you are aligns you with higher purpose. I am dedicated to inspiring others and aiding in the ignition of passion, by these means things can become better.

I have a large vision for the future of Occult Gate that goes far beyond tarot, this vision includes all of you who I am so glad are here.