What is a tarot spread?

A tarot spread is basically an ordered and pre-determined arrangement of tarot cards. Each spot in this arrangement carries its own meaning and significance. Not every tarot reader uses tarot spreads, but in my experience they are crucial.

Why using a spread is important

A tarot spread sets the stage for a good tarot reading. A tarot spread appropriate to what you are seeking from the cards lays the framework for a clear answer. In many ways a good tarot spread is just as important as the question you ask the cards. A predetermined spread gives the cards context, and leaves no room for confusion as to what they are saying.

Different types of tarot spreads

This is a collection of tarot spreads I have found useful. Many of these spreads I often use as go-to spreads to fit certain situations.

Here you will find a tarot spread to suit almost any type of question. Each spread with its own contrasts and insights.

Many of these spreads are my own. I hope they can be useful to others as well. I plan to post new spreads here regularly.