The Occult

The word occult means secret or hidden from view. Occult Gate is dedicated to the pursuit of hidden knowledge and wisdom. This is a place created for those who have taken the life long quest for the secret.

Occult Gate is a future community and gathering place of thought and wisdom. Where the the old knowledge can condense to become new again. Where what has been forgotten can once again be remembered and that which has not been discovered may be explored.

  • “Who Will I Marry?” Timeline Tarot Spread

    This is one of the many variations of a "Who Will I Marry?" tarot spread I have used in these types of readings. This spread utilizes what I call "The Hermit" spread structure, I find this structure useful when reading at length into an individual's future for a series or timeline of events. In this particular spread the first card laid represents a pivotal event or situation that could lead the querent to marriage. The last card laid (or lantern) is a significator of time or timeline. This card can represent a time by months, seasons or event in the [...]

  • “How Do They Really Feel About You?” Tarot Spread

    About this Tarot Spread This is a tarot spread for asking the question "How do they really feel about me?" and gaining insight into the persons current situation, true feelings, how they express these feelings toward you, how they express those feelings about you toward others and any hidden intentions or feelings. This spread really shines when asking about a person who does not seem to be very open with you, or that you do not know much about. Hidden intentions are revealed. The strength of this tarot spread is in the insights it provides not only into the [...]

  • Magick Persona

    The Magickal Persona is a critical aspect of the Magickal practitioner. It is what helps us transcend mundane reality and slip into the magickal realms. It allows us to slip out of our mundane focus, set our jobs, relationships, and problems aside for a while, and focus on the things of the Spirit. The movie, “The Mask”, is a classic example of a Magickal Persona. In the movie, Jim Carey plays the part of a very klutzy, nerdy bachelor leading a very mundane, loveless life. But things quickly change when, quite by chance, he finds an ancient mystical mask that [...]

  • Archetypes, Divinity and Man

    Power Animals, Spirit Helpers, And Guides Within many of the ancient systems of occult understanding and practice, the presence of unseen or disincarnate mentors, helpers, or allies was a generally accepted truth, and within some, it was considered essential to the practice itself. Throughout history, stories and superstitions contain a multitude of beings and entities that have had interchange with mortal man. These OtherWorld beings have been known by a variety of names and titles, including but by no means limited to; Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, angels, dragons, faeries, elves, sprites, gnomes, sylphs, undines, salamanders, Guardians, Watchers etc. Each member of [...]

  • Shamanism and The Shadow

    The purpose of Shamanism is to integrate conflicting aspects of the human psyche with each other, and the whole with the Cosmic Psyche, and to develop the power and self-knowledge to enable the shaman to achieve results that are beyond the abilities of the undeveloped, un-self-aware psyche. Integrating conflicting aspects of the human psyche is the basis of all character development, and is essential to achieving balance and happiness. It releases and channels those potentially limitless psychic powers that are inherent in all of us. The difference between a healer and a shaman is that a healer is a person [...]