(from the Latin word occultus “clandestine, hidden, secret”)

The Occult

1. Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge.
2. Secret; disclosed or communicated only to the initiated.
3. Hidden from view.

Welcome to Occult Gate, a resource of occult knowledge. The purpose of this website is to aid the seeker in understanding occult principles.

The occult simply means hidden knowledge, but this knowledge is hidden in plain sight. For thousands of years all throughout human history, the occult has played a major role in peoples everyday lives. This knowledge does not have to be hidden and can be used in our everyday lives in a very practical and useful way.

The use of divination is probably one of the most simple and practical ways anyone could put occult knowledge to use. Tarot, dowsing, pendulums and countless other forms of divination have been used since recorded history. When done correctly these methods are highly reliable.

Science is just now beginning to understand that the basic principles of the occult are very real and play a role in the mechanisms of this universe. The law of attraction is gaining attention in the mainstream, because it works These principles can be used to manifest positive changes in our lives.

Occult Gate is a resource for those interested in using these time tested principles and techniques in their own lives.

About The Author

Bryce Baker

I have studied magick and read tarot since I was a child. My great grandfather was a Chi-kener gypsy who made his livelihood as a Witch Doctor or “Powwow“, providing services such as healing, philtres, spiritual guidance and tarot. So you could say this work is in my blood.
Using the knowledge and traditions handed down to me, I continue his legacy providing spiritual guidance and divination services.