The Evolution And Function Of Collective Consciousness

Whether we examine evolution from a religious, scientific, mythologic or a metaphysical approach, we are still confronted with the same problem. We are usually left with more questions than verifiable answers. This lack of solid, empirical data leads the average person to the unfortunate position of accepting “creation” and the human soul’s evolution on faith according to some hypothesis or conjecture. Even answers that come from “voices” beyond our physical plane, such as “channeled” information or sacred text, seem unwilling to put our endless questions to rest. I freely admit that the information I am about to share with you contains some of the same flaws that my predecessors faced, the most obvious being the origin of “God”, if you will. But I hope that the contents of this page gives you reason for reflection and some new ideas.

“Creation” and evolution are an ongoing process based on two totally interdependent processes, Collective Consciousness and Consensus Reality. Contained within these first two principles is a third aspect which we can identify under the term Akashic Records.

Let me begin by attempting to give you an overview of the evolution of consciousness and the eternal progression of man as I have been given to understand it, and then I will go into greater detail. First, in order for any collective consciousness to exist, there must first be thinking, acting, conscious beings.

Second, the thoughts and actions of these thinking, acting, conscious beings must magnetize and imprint the individual matrix or fingerprint of each thought and act on a subtle substance of etheric matter called “akasha”. The more highly emotionally charged the thoughts or actions are, the deeper the impression on the Akasha.

Third, the greater the collective number of conscious beings thinking or acting in concert with one another according to a clearly defined consensus reality, the even deeper the imprint on the subtle matter of the Akasha. Every individual imprint recorded within the Akasha is maintained within a universal filing system called the Akashic Records.

Fourth, the collective consciousness, at some point, by virtue of the constantly expanding database, takes on a consciousness of its own, and becomes greater than the sum total of all its individual parts. Or in other words, it begins an evolutionary cycle all its own, within which the thoughts and actions of its individual members are recorded, processed and filed. It is to and from this greater collective consciousness that the souls of its individual members transit at death, and it from this greater collective consciousness that individual aspects “spark off” into individual self aware identities and begin their journey through the cycles of life and death, making their contributions to the greater whole and its evolution.

Fifth, that advanced beings, “Gods”, do in fact select, nurture, and harvest small but exceptionally strong collective conscious fragments as seed stock in the process of creating new worlds. Take, for example, the Biblical City of Enoch. The consensus reality of the people, under the direction of the prophet Enoch, became so aligned that the scriptures tell us the people literally became of one heart and one mind. The scriptures go on to say that the people became so “righteous”, or harmonized, in their consensus reality, that the city, in its entirety, was caught up into “heaven”. The City of Enoch is a classical example of a consensus reality under advanced guidance becoming so complete that a powerful collective conscious fragment evolved. The collective consciousness of the City of Enoch was small, but very powerful, and thus capable of existence away from and outside of its host collective consciousness. Thus, it was transplanted elsewhere to begin anew.

Sixth, the cycle begins again.

Let’s look at this in greater detail. We begin with the premise that we, as individual living conscious beings, are part of a greater collective. This greater collective is muti-faceted. For instance, we are members of the human collective, we are members of a genetic, family collective, we are members of a cultural collective, a national collective, and so on. However, each of these collective aspects also represents an individual consensus reality, a deeply held set of beliefs that, within reasonable tolerance, dictate the thoughts, words and actions of its members. To this end, we can clearly see the direct connection between consensus reality and collective conscious. It is easy to see how consensus reality guides and directs the thoughts, words and actions of its members, whose thoughts, words and acts are recorded, processed and filed in the Akashic Records, which contains the data for the collective conscious, which evolves with the addition of all new imprinted data, which becomes the source of ever higher levels of insight and evolution within the consensus reality of the initial group. Thus we see very clearly, that what at first appears to be a cycle come full circle, is actually an ever ascending spiral. When we believe that we have come full circle, we find that we are not at our point of origin at all, but at a new beginning one level higher.

This concept seems all very clear and understandable, except it still leaves me with the same initial problem plaguing other theories as well. What was the source of the first thinking, acting beings? Even if we account for the initial population of a new world by Interplanetary Transplantation of Seed Stock, it only solves the problem to a point. We are still left to ponder the origin of the very first thinking acting beings. I am told that information is beyond the scope of my sources, and irrelevant to the continuing process as it now exists. The system works and that’s all that matters. The present system is self-perpetuating and eternal, and our focus should most appropriately be on what now is and how that relates to us individually as well as collectively.


I am the “me” within the collective conscious of the “we”. The collective conscious is exactly as it states. Collective is defined as “assembled or accumulated into a whole”. Consciousness is defined as “having an awareness of one’s own existence or identity”. Therefore, a collective conscious is an accumulation of self-aware existences. What are they aware of? Their individual identities. The collective consciousness is the sum total of all the knowledge, experience and power of its individual members. The collective conscious cannot exist without the thinking, acting, conscious members anymore than a congress, the senate or parliament can exist without the presence of its representatives. You, individually, are an important factor in the collective conscious. Your lives, your experience, your knowledge, your power contribute to the development and evolution of our collective conscious. Every life that you have lived, every experience that you have had, every bit of knowledge and power you have gained is individually recorded, processed and filed for the good of the whole. This holds true for every spark of the whole that has taken individual identity and continued on in the eternal quest for greater light and knowledge.

We talked earlier about the number of consensus realities that we as individuals may be part of. That list may include the human reality, the cultural reality, the national reality and even the family consensus reality. What effect does an individual’s participation in any of these sub-groups of consensus realities have in realation to the collective whole? We actually exist within many collective conscious, all within a greater collective conscious. These sub-groups within the collective whole are often referred to as “soul groups”. A soul group is an association of souls existing within an established sub-group of the collective conscious whose consensus reality is so aligned that they continue their ties lifetime after lifetime. In some cases, souls evolving along a rapidly evolving consensus reality may actually take turns moving in and out of mortality along a very specific genetic lineage, passing advanced knowledge and abilities to their progeny, creating a lineage of prodigy. Remember from our earlier discussion, these sub-groups of tightly aligned beings, known as a soul group, may be used by the “Creators” to split away from the original collective conscious and form the nucleus of a new collective conscious.

We have now covered the collective conscious, consensus reality and the direct relationship between the two. But what about the Akashic Records? Without the Akashic Records, collective consciousness would be impossible. No evolution would be possible because there would be no data bank to receive, process and file incoming information. Without this ability, all experience would be useless because it would be immediately lost upon termination of the physical existence. All experience would, of necessity, be reocurring and static. Consensus reality would be meaningless because without the ability to “hear”, the voices of many are no louder than the voice of the one. The magnitude of the imprint of consensus reality is entirely dependent upon the existence of the Akashic Records, and its ability to “hear”, process and record the voices of human experience. The Akashic Records are a vital aspect of the relationship between consensus reality and the collective conscious.

Most people, when asked, profess to believe that upon the death of our mortal, physical body, the self-aware, thinking, acting, conscious self separates away from the body. We also know from the “Near Death Experiences” of others, as well as information received through mediums in contact with the worlds beyond, that upon this separation, each individual experiences the OtherWorld according to their strongly held beliefs. This would tend to indicate that at least the initial phases of the post-death experience are still strongly tied to our illusion of reality. In fact, strongly held personal beliefs, as well as one’s association with a particular consensus reality, does have the ability to shape the fabric of reality, both in this world as well as the worlds to come. It has been my experience, as a trance medium, working with the families of a deceased loved one, that as continued contact with the deceased continues over a prolonged time, the deceased frequently expresses a separation from the emotion and memories of this lifetime and expresses a moving forward toward some new goal. I believe that this process of forgetting the recently past life is critical. As the deceased is re-initiated back into the collective conscious, the strong ties which might keep the soul trapped within the emotional memories of a particular lifetime fall away. The individual is then free to gain the benefit of all of his/her life’s experiences, but without emotional attachment. It becomes pure knowledge. This “moving forward” so often spoken of would also lead me to believe that as the soul is re-introduced into the collective consciousness and assimilates the “pure knowledge” available there, they also begin moving toward their next objective, reincarnation or assimilation into a higher collective conscious. It is highly likely that any strongly held belief within your illusion of reality or any strong association with a particular consensus reality seems to lock you into a pattern of relationships with other souls, your soul group, and quite possibly the available options for the next step of your eternal journey.

Another interesting aspect of the NDE, and post-death experience as related through mediums, is that upon death, almost universally, we are greeted at the gates of the beyond by our deceased loved ones and close friends. Of those who have reported being met by loved ones, some very interesting irregularities exist. Many reported their loved ones exactly as they remembered them just prior to the loved one’s death, while others reported their loved one’s appearing in their prime. In the case of deceased children, many appear at the age of their death, while others appear in an adult form. This is also clearly evident in the case of post-death religious experience. Christians relate post -death experiences uniquely Christian. This religious experience is universally true of all religious association worldwide, according to available reports. We experience life and, at least initially, death according to our strongly held beliefs and expectations. The irregularities stated above would indicate that the fabric of reality in mortality and initially in death is illusionary and highly sensitive to consensus reality. The collective conscious, responding to the deeply held beliefs of its members, apparently has the ability to alter the fabric of reality in compliance to those beliefs. Which brings us back to Magick.

On the subject of being met by loved ones on the other side, could this simply be a welcoming back into the collective conscious, much as a welcome home for someone who has been gone awhile? It definitely fits the pattern of soul group association on either side of the mortal plane.