About This Tarot Spread

I created “The Three Paths” tarot spread as a way to foresee important crossroads and pivotal decisions in the near future. This is an interesting spread that makes use of aspects in the mechanics of tarot in a way that is not commonly seen.

This tarot spread takes into account that while predetermination exists, the future is not set in stone. While that is the case, the tarot can provide insight into the future. This tarot spread lays out a timeline that moves straight upwards to a pivotal decision or crossroads in the near future, from there it branches in three directions. Straight upward from there is the most likely decision the querent will make followed by the most likely outcome.To each side are alternate decisions followed by alternate outcomes.

The effectiveness of this tarot spread never fails to surprise me to this day. Use The Three paths to foresee upcoming pivotal decisions and where your decisions can lead you. Use this tarot spread to gain insight into how to make correct decisions in the future and to see what is ahead for you. If you foresee a crossroads approaching in your life this spread can prove very valuable.

To use this spread focus on what is ahead for you and shuffle the cards. Lay the cards down in the numbered order (important),

Card 1 The Present

The first card in this tarot spread represents you in your current situation. Do not think of this card as an overall definition of your current situation but instead as a beginning to a course of events. This card will refer to a certain aspect of your life or your situation and the following card will provide more insight into where things are headed. This card simply sets the stage and establishes the tone and context of the reading, and really only exists to punctuate card 2. Look to this card for clues as to from what or whom the pivotal situation will arise.

Card 2 The Crossroads or Pivotal Decision

The 2nd card in this tarot spread is the center and core of the overall reading. This tarot card represents a situation, event or even a person. The most important thing to remember here is that whatever this card signifies, it will demand a decision from you. This is a crossroads where depending on the direction you take, things can look very different. This card when taken in context with the card 1 should come together to make sense as it applies to you. Use what the choice cards tell you for further clues into what this means to you.

Card 3 Likely Choice

The 3rd card of this tarot spread represents the obvious or most likely choice you could make. This may be a choice the querent makes without knowing the other choices exists so it is not necessarily the most desirable. Think of this card as the choice you would likely make had you not been paying attention. Pay attention to how this choice contrasts with the others to each side.

Card 4 and 5 Alternate Choices

The 4th and 5th card of this tarot spread represent the less likely or less obvious choices. Depending on the outcomes these may not be so obvious but could lead to more desirable outcomes. Pay attention to how these cards contrast with the other choice cards and how they relate to the pivotal decision card itself for deeper insight.

Card 6 Likely Outcome

The 6th card represents the most likely outcome if the most likely path is followed. Pay attention to this card as it relates to all the others, especially the alternate outcomes.

Card 7 and 8 Alternate Outcomes

As the names suggest these are alternate outcomes, each directly dependant on the preceding alternate choice. Compare and contrast these with the other outcome cards and ask yourself how they relate to you and your pivotal decision.