This is one of the many variations of a “Who Will I Marry?” tarot spread I have used in these types of readings. This spread utilizes what I call “The Hermit” spread structure, I find this structure useful when reading at length into an individual’s future for a series or timeline of events. In this particular spread the first card laid represents a pivotal event or situation that could lead the querent to marriage.

The last card laid (or lantern) is a significator of time or timeline. This card can represent a time by months, seasons or event in the future.

Cards should be laid in the order shown.

Card 1 Pivotal Decision

The first card is the hermit’s head in this spread. This card represents an important situation or pivotal decision the querent will face leading up to the meeting of their potential future spouse. This could be a challenge, an important decision or situation that acts as a signpost in this spread.

Pay close attention to this card in relation to all others in this spread for clues as to how this persons actions could affect this situation. Remember the idea behind this spread is that the future is not set in stone and the meeting of the potential future spouse is dependant on and made more likely by decisions made in the future. Use this card to better advise on the right action to lead to the future spouse.

Card 2 The Person

This is the card that represents the future spouse. This card describes this persons personality and nature, and also the situation they find themselves in. Look at this card in conjunction with the pivotal decision and how you’ll meet placeholders for deeper clues into this persons description and motivations.

Card 3 How You’ll Meet

This card represents the situation that brings the couple together. This could also represent how this person is known to the querent or how they will be. It is important to look closely at this card with the pivotal decision placeholder for deeper insight into the meaning of both placeholders. This slot can very well provide the complete answer to the question of what right action is for the pivotal decision.

Card 4 Result

This is the card representing the final result of this marriage. This slot is an answer to the question “is it worth my time?”. This placeholder will give insight into what can be expected from this relationship and how things will turn out overall. Consider this advice from your future self. Any red flags will emerge clearly at this point.

Card 5 Timeline

Using tarot to estimate time is by no means an exact science. Due to its nature tarot does not shine when used for this, instead tarot deals with time on a scale of events and decisions. Keeping this in mind is important for this placeholder. There are many methods for estimating timelines using tarot which I will link to from here in the future.

The important thing to remember is that this placeholder is all about the readers intuition. For me if a court card pops up in this slot it will represent an important or pivotal person who will act as a signal, a major arcana card will represent an event or sign and minor arcana will represent a season.

Whatever method you use, it is important to decide on it first and stick to it consistently. I will provide more information here in the future on how to do this.