About this Tarot Spread

This is a tarot spread for asking the question “How do they really feel about me?” and gaining insight into the persons current situation, true feelings, how they express these feelings toward you, how they express those feelings about you toward others and any hidden intentions or feelings.

This spread really shines when asking about a person who does not seem to be very open with you, or that you do not know much about. Hidden intentions are revealed. The strength of this tarot spread is in the insights it provides not only into the persons situation and true feelings, but also in any contrasts between true feelings and intentions and the way these are expressed outwardly to you versus others. This can clue you into any gossip and drama surrounding the situation.

To use this spread, focus on the person you are asking about. Lay the cards down in their numbered order while asking the question “How do they really feel about me?”

Card 1 Person

This card represents the person you are asking about. This is a significator describing this persons personality, how you know them and likely their current situation or struggles. Look to this card in contrast with the feelings card and hidden intentions for deeper insight into your question.

Card 2 True Feelings

This card represents the persons immediate and true feelings about you. These may or may not be apparent to you. Depending on the card representing feelings expressed toward you, this placeholder is likely to give you insight into this persons feelings toward you in the immediate situation. Pay attention to how this card contrasts with the expression cards and the hidden feelings card for deeper insight.

Card 3 Feelings as Expressed Toward You

This card represents the way this person expresses their feelings toward you. This describes how the person you are asking about treats you, interacts with you and the impressions they give you. This card will give you insight into the nature of your relationship and in contrast with other cards, this placeholder can be eye opening. Causes for concern can easily emerge here.

Card 4 Feelings as Expressed Toward Others

This card represents the way this person expresses their feelings about you toward others. How they portray you, how they talk about you, and even what they say about your relationship in general. Look here for clues into manipulation or deception as well as secret crushes. This is a powerful placeholder as when compared to the other cards in this spread things come full circle and begin to make sense.

Card 5 Hidden Intentions

The fifth card represents the hidden. This could be a hidden intention, a thought, a motive or even a situation. This slot provides a significator for the ever present aspect of the shadow, the hidden or what is not obvious. This card can mean something good or something bad depending on the other cards in this spread.