The potential soulmate tarot spread is a 9 card layout designed to give insight into who the potential soulmate is but also a look into their intentions.

The idea behind this spread is that there are people who you are likely to cross paths with. Using this spread as a means to look into the future at potentially meeting a soulmate with whom you share a strong connection.

This spread also covers how you will meet in detail. Along with what the overall result of this relationship will be and advice from the cards.

Focus on the question and lay the cards down in the numbered order.

Card 1 – You

This is the placeholder for the card that represents you. This placeholder refers not only to your overall personality but attitude towards relationships in general. This card will work in conjunction with many others to tell you about how you will come to meet this person and when that could happen. Compare what this card says about your state of mind when you cross paths with your soulmate and your state of mind now for deeper insight.

Card 2 – Situation

This card crosses the placeholder representing you or the querent. Represents the situation or challenge you will be facing when you meet your potential soulmate. Look at the connections between this card and card 6 (their mind) for clues and insight into how you will meet this person or cross their path. Use this to further elaborate with card 4 ( how you will meet). This will also provide insight into the nature of the relationship initially and the dynamic between the two of you.

Card 3 – Them

This card describes the outward personality of the potential soulmate. This is a description of their outward personality as it will appear to the querent. Pay attention to how this relates with the rest of the spread for a detailed idea of who this person is, how they will interact with you and their motivations. While this card does describe the personality of the potential soulmate, the other cards in this spread will all lend to a clear picture of who this person is.

Card 4 – How You’ll Meet

This card represents the circumstances of how you will meet your potential soulmate. This card could refer to how you may know this person or how they will enter your life. Use this to draw meaning from card 7 and what the other cards tell you for a very detailed view of what to expect.

Card 5 – Overall Result

This card represents what to expect from encountering your potential soulmate. This is the likely outcome or continuance of the relationship “once the dust clears” or once things are no longer “new”. Look here for clues and insight into what this person could mean to you and what lessons they bring with them.

Card 6 – Their Mind

This card represents the mind of the potential soulmate. This card in relation to the others gives insight into the thoughts and motivations of this person and ultimately the nature of their relationship to you. This card can be compared to all other cards in the spread for further details into this person and who they are.

Card 7 – Details of How You’ll Meet

This card elaborates further on what card 4 has to say about the circumstances of meeting this person. Use these cards together to draw meaning and think about what story they tell. This can be extremely helpful when used in context to your current life situation to learn how this person may come into your life.

Card 8 – Further Details of Result

Elaborates further on card 7. This provides details of the overall result. Look at these cards in relation to the others and think about the story being told.

Card 9 – Advice

This card offers advice on how to best approach this person and deal with the circumstances surrounding them. Use this card to learn how to achieve the desired results and make the best of crossing paths with this person.